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Lisa Hughston – South of the Border


Lisa Hughston started her business, ‘South of the Border’, about 9 years ago. She came from a very creative family and had always done art and loved making things as a child but had never thought about putting her creativity into a business. It actually happened by accident.

Lisa had to give up the dental nurse training she was doing at the time due to being diagnosed with Type 3 Elhers Danlos syndrome. It’s a difficult condition but as Lisa says: “As sad as it sounds, it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me!” It was whilst she was housebound that Lisa started to do her art again to pass the time and take her mind off her pain. “It became a kind of therapy for me” says Lisa “and I loved doing it.”

Lisa decided once she was well enough to go back to college to do A level art. She then went on to Wensum Lodge in Norwich to do an advanced art course and one day had the opportunity to try silversmithing – and she loved it!!

After dropping out of the art class and signing up to the silversmithing class Lisa gained her NCFE levels 1 and 2. Her wish to continue making silver jewellery was unfortunately hindered as her condition took a turn for the worse. Her passion for making jewellery however was still very strong so after a lot of research she started making resin jewellery: now she absolutely loves working with resin. As Lisa says: “You can do so much with it and after a lot of practice I knew this is what I wanted to work with the most”.

Lisa’s work is quirky and unique and she loves to upcycle things. She is a self-confessed magpie, collecting lots of different things that would normally be discarded and turn them into something new. Her inspirations come from 1950’s America and Mexican traditions and culture, tattoos, music as well as curiosities and all things weird and wonderful! Lisa says: “I love to make items to encapsulate in resin, from old stamps, broken vintage jewellery and I even had a commission to put a mummified baby rat in resin to make into a pendant!!”

Barnardo’s Helpers Group

BarnadosFakenham Barnardo’s Group (a team of seven now) along with other BHG’s around the country, aim to support the work of the national Barnardo’s charity with a variety of fundraising activities. Jean Moore commented: “Being part of Fakenham Makers Market enables us to extend our fundraising activities. We are familiar faces at the market, being there every month, and we are grateful for those who support us, and to Debbie and Keith Osborn who organise the market for donating the stall space to us”.

Debbie Osborn, the organiser of the market added: “When we started the market in March this year, we wanted to make sure that it retained a community focus and as well as having a number of makers from in and around Fakenham, we are delighted to support the Fakenham Barnardo’s Group in their work”.
The national charity Barnardo’s, once renowned for children’s homes, now runs and funds national and local projects addressing specific needs and helping to support and nurture children within families. For more information, please contact Janet on 01328 864134 or June on 01328 864882. Or better still, come along to Fakenham Makers Market and chat to Jean and Pru directly and maybe buy a ‘hand knit’ to show your support.

Jeremy Raven – Circle of Motion

jeremy-ravenJeremy’s artistic venture started with his Dad.

He was an artist himself, painting in oils and making wooden items. When Jeremy was around seven, his Dad would be making swords and shields for him and his brother. Jeremy would be watching and asking questions about what he was doing – it was fascinating!

For Jeremy himself, his creative side didn’t really peak until he was around sixteen when he started to produce drawings and paintings, as well as write poetry. He went to King’s Lynn College at twenty three and completed a BTEC in Art & Design, and then went on to do Ceramics for a further two years.

With this experience under his belt, he opened Redstone Pottery at Snettisham Farm Park, joined West Norfolk Open Studios and took part in many art exhibitions.

Jeremy’s enthusiasm for his art has never diminished and he is constantly looking for new ventures and avenues for his work.

Jeremy is now a regular maker at Fakenham Makers Market (and you will also see him most weeks at the Thursday Market). He makes unique pieces of wooden furniture and other useful objects. These pieces often incorporate his artistic ideas as well.

He operates under the name ‘Circle of Motion’. Jeremy comments: “The name represents my belief that there are no boundaries to what can be created in the different media I use. My work uses recycled and upcycled timber and other items and once you start putting this together it’s just amazing what happens!”

Sue Angell – Aart Norfolk

aart-norfolkSue has recently fulfilled a childhood dream. She was a creative child, always drawing, painting and making things. At a very early age she remembers watching a TV programme on making stained glass windows and thinking “what fun!”. After turning down a place at art college at 16 to pursue a career in scientific research and then spending the last few years teaching science, she is now having that “fun”.
Sue designs unique items out of stained glass and constructs them with lead or copper foil. She is also incorporating her love of wood carving. Sue’s work is moving towards sculptural and 3D artwork – her work and aspirations are evolving.

Sue comments: “It’s an absorbing hobby and it’s great when I can come up with new ideas. I love playing with pieces of coloured glass and getting tooled up in all my health & safety gear – I look like something out of Star Wars”.

Sue also paints, draws and plays the guitar. She gets her inspiration from science, nature, music and artists working in other media. She is grateful for the support and encouragement she gets from her partner, friends and mentors. She operates under the name “Aart Norfolk” and sells her glass work at art and craft fairs and is a frequent stall holder at the Fakenham Makers Market.