Fakenham Markets

Fakenham truly is a ‘Market Town’. The weekly Thursday market (Charter Market) is very popular and brings the town to life. As much a social occasion as a shopping destination, the market spreads across the whole town. The monthly Saturday morning Farmers’ Market is concentrated in the Market Place, with the Makers’ Market taking place in the Parish Church.


Fakenham Thursday Market

market-163Fakenham has been a market town for a long time – it was originally granted its Market Charter in 1250, when the stalls probably occupied space around the Parish Church of St.Peter & St.Paul, an imposing building which still provides the focal point of the town.

Fakenham’s modern-day Thursday market is still situated very close to its original position at the centre of things, but has expanded considerably over time. The stalls now extend over two sites, operating around the town square near the Corn Exchange and also continuing in the large car park towards Cattlemarket Street.

Fakenham Market has a large number of traders offering a wide range of goods including clothing, foods, fruit & vegetables, plants and household supplies. A vast number of people in the region travel into town and ‘make a day of it’, as they’ve done for many years. The centre becomes a very lively social centre where people catch up with local news and see familiar faces – especially in nice weather!

The market also provides a backdrop for the extremely popular Thursday auctions held at the James Beck saleroom, which start at 11am. Another attraction is a privately run Flea market, which adds to the diversity and interest on offer.

The series of articles below by Dawn Wakefield, featuring the many and varied stalls to be found on Fakenham’s Thursday market, will also be appearing month by month in The Fakenham Sun newspaper.

The Almond Kitchen

The Almond Kitchen is an unusual arrival on the market, and these delicious cinnamon flavoured caramelised almonds make a very
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Lilell Ceramics

Justin runs his Lilell Ceramics stall with a great array of colourful and attractive household ceramic items just outside Boots
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Chop-Chop Handbags

Chop-Chop is a new addition to the market in 2017. Alan Williams runs a well stocked handbag stall in the
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Benbows Fruit & Vegetables

Denise and Carol run the colourful Benbows Fruit and Vegetable stall in the Upper Market, close to Betfreds. Where are you
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PPS Pet Supplies

Sarah runs her well stocked PPS Pet Supplies stall in the market area just off Cattle Market Street. Where are you
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Sala Seafoods

Sala Seafoods van run by a father and daughter team is to be found just outside the entrance to the
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Neil Cook Fresh Fish

Neil Cook runs his Fresh Fish stall from his van on the far side of the market area in front
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Tony’s Discount Stall

Tony's Discount stall is a longstanding popular destination for market shoppers, whether it be looking for bargain priced foods for
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Clothing Stall

Hamish runs his colourful and extensive ladies and gents clothing stall in the Market Place along the side of Boots. Where
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This longstanding Bric-a-Brac stall trades on the market area on the left as you walk in from Bridge Street. There
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J&H Shoes

James Manning runs the J & H Shoes stall on the market area just in front of Argos. Where are you
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Petals and Pots

Sharon and Kate run their Petals and Pots stall either in the Market Place or in the street nearby. There's
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Norfolk Soulcraft

Craig Chilvers, one of the younger market traders, runs his Norfolk Soulcraft stall on the market area in front of
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Heather’s Wool and Haberdashery

Heather's Wool and Haberdashery stall is run on the market area in front of Argos, her stall is towards the
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Get Stuffed

The enticing aromas of coffee and cooking waft across the Market Place from the Get Stuffed Catering Company's bright trailer
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Super Sox

Laurence Whitcombe runs his well-stocked stall called Super Sox (selling a lot more than socks!) in the market area just
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Norfolk’s Pie Man

Bridget and Anthony run the Norfolk's Pie Man stall under brightly coloured awning in the centre of the Market Place.
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Sizeland Fruit & Veg

Daniel runs RC Sizeland's traditional fruit and vegetable stall on the market area to your right as you walk through
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Jean’s Home Bakery

Jean Seppings runs her popular stall Jean's Home Bakery in the Upper Market. Due to the building works her stall
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Vale Farm Eggs

Karen and Matthew, some very welcome younger faces, recently arrived at Fakenham Market, run their stall - Vale Farm Eggs
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Vintage & Antique Stall

The MacDonalds family run their Vintage and Antique stall just outside the shed on the market area off Cattle Market
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Nearly New Clothing

Gloria runs her Nearly New Clothing stall with her mother in the shed on the market area between Bridge Street
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Haberdashery Stall

Bill Hartland runs his Haberdashery stall on the left hand side as you walk into the market area off Bridge
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M Bullen Jewellers

Miechelle runs the M. Bullen Jewellers stall as part of her business run jointly with her husband Marc. You can
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Eddie Street Books

Eddie Street runs a stall selling brand new books at discount prices on the market area near Argos, just opposite
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Lilac Nurseries

Cecil Dixon runs Lilac Nurseries' well stocked plant stall, spreading out quite widely on the market area off Bridge Street. Where
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Book Heaven

Marc Wye-Harris runs Book Heaven stall in the market area close to Boots. Where are you from? Sheringham. How long have you been
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Norfolk Landscaping

Karl of Norfolk Landscaping runs a colourful plant and flower stall in the market area just outside Nat West bank. Where
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Flour and Bean

Bob, Ellis and Alissa , full of youthful enthusiasm, run the Flour and Bean bread stall in the market area
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Secondhand Toys

Carol and Ivor run a stall selling secondhand toys and collectables, in the market area, just off Bridge Street. Where are
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Louise Fashions

Louise Fashions is run by a husband and wife team who sell very affordable, stylish and comfortable ladies clothes and
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Rosie’s Pet Stall

Rosie's Pet Stall has just recently taken over the site alongside Betfred's in the Upper Market, following the retirement of
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Orchard End Nursery

Paul and Debbie Chapman run the Orchard End Nursery flower and plant stall in the Upper Market close to Betfreds. Where
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The Book Stall

Malcolm and Frances run The Book Stall, selling an enticing range of second hand books, many of them collectors items.
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Fakenham Country Markets

Fakenham Country Markets stall is run by a co-operative of 20 members. Market manager Gillian, secretary Debbie, Lesley and Esther
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Tools & Ironmongery

Jim Clark runs a well-stocked tools and ironmongery stall alongside Barclays Bank. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with tips and
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Seekings Fruit & Veg

Anthony and Pauline and family run Seekings - a large self-service fruit and vegetable stall with an amazing range of
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Bread Source Bakery

Peter runs the weekly stall for Bread Source bakery on the market area in front of Argos. Get there early
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Christie’s Cheese

Rob Christie runs Christie's Cheese from a small trailer style stall on the market area outside Argos, with more different
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Denise Jewellery

Denise runs her jewellery stall in the shed to the side of the market area outside Argos. Being undercover means
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Weston’s Seafoods

Willie Weston's Seafoods stall is to be found in the Upper Market, just outside the Bistro. Where are you from? Blakeney where
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Moat Road Nursery

John and Simon run the Moat Road Nursery stall selling a great array of flowers and plants, always a colourful
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Norfolk Printing & Cartridge Solutions

Ryan and Carole run Norfolk Printing and Cartridge Solutions (Norfolk PCS) a large walk-in trailer stall, near Barclay's Bank in
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Fakenham Farmers’ Market

farmersmarketNormally held on the fourth Saturday of every month (NB. not always the last Saturday), Fakenham Farmers Market has proved to be a popular event for thousands of shoppers who are looking for locally grown, organic and farm-fresh produce.

Situated in the Market Square, the Farmers Market runs from 8.30am to 12 noon and usually has a variety of stalls offering a range of produce, seasonal variations and quality goods.

Visit the Farmers’ Market website HERE


Fakenham Makers Market

makersmarketFakenham Makers Market is held at Fakenham Parish Church and is run and managed by Debbie and Keith Osborn. Debbie is a local artist and maker who runs Debbie Osborn Art Studio and Keith is a local professional photographer.

Fakenham Makers Market is entirely devoted to arts and crafts handmade by the stallholders. The market runs once a month from March to December, on dates whic have been specifically chosen to coincide as much as possible with Fakenham Farmers Market.

Refreshments are served at each market with all proceeds going to Fakenham Parish Church. Fakenham Makers Market supports Fakenham Barnardo’s Helpers Group. The group has a regular free stall at the market selling handmade items with all proceeds going to Barnardo’s.

Featured Makers
The articles below are published by kind permission of Fakenham Makers Market.

Lisa Hughston – South of the Border

Lisa Hughston started her business, ‘South of the Border’, about 9 years ago. She came from a very creative family
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Barnardo’s Helpers Group

Fakenham Barnardo’s Group (a team of seven now) along with other BHG’s around the country, aim to support the work
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Jeremy Raven – Circle of Motion

Jeremy’s artistic venture started with his Dad. He was an artist himself, painting in oils and making wooden items. When Jeremy
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Sue Angell – Aart Norfolk

Sue has recently fulfilled a childhood dream. She was a creative child, always drawing, painting and making things. At a
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Featured Makers information by kind permission of Fakenham Makers Market.