Seekings Fruit & Veg

seekings-fruit-vegAnthony and Pauline and family run Seekings – a large self-service fruit and vegetable stall with an amazing range of produce. Their stall is usually in the Upper Market, but due to the building works they are currently to be found on the road between Barclays and the cinema.

Where are you from?
Kings Lynn.

How long have you been at Fakenham Market?
Since January 1988.

What are your opening times here?
8am – 2.30pm

What other markets do you attend?
Kings Lynn Tuesday Market and Thetford Saturday Market.

What led you to running this stall?
Anthony: I used to be in growing, my father was a market gardener. Pauline: One day when the youngest of our three children was only 14 months old, he came home and said he had just bought a fruit and veg shop for me to run! That led later to us running market stalls.

What do you like about coming to Fakenham Market?
The friendly people – we get all types including local nobility, TV stars, local residents and tourists.

What do you sell and what are your best selling items?
What don’t we sell?! We sell a full range of local vegetables and fruit, but the most popular items are the more exotic ones: Thai, Indian, Asian and Caribbean. We sell Papaya, Jack fruit, Durian, Kerala, Chow-chow, kohlrabi, artichokes, fresh turmeric, 9 sorts of aubergine, generous bunches of fresh herbs, 20 kinds of tomato, white, red and black currants, blueberries….and much much more!

Interview by Dawn Wakefield