The Book Stall

malcolmbooksMalcolm and Frances run The Book Stall, selling an enticing range of second hand books, many of them collectors items. It is always a pleasure to browse their ever changing selection. Their stall is in the market area just off Cattle Market Street.

Where are you from?

How long have you been at Fakenham Market?
About 5 years.

What are your opening times here?
6.30am – 1.30pm in summer, 12.30pm in winter. We are not here in bad weather.

What other markets do you attend?
Ely Collectors’ Fair, Hingham antiques fair and we sell online – oldsokesbooks61 on Ebay.

What led you to running this stall?
It was a hobby at first, we love books and antique fairs and then we ended up doing it more or less full time. Frances said she once bought some Catherine Cookson novels for 10p each at a carboot and then re- sold them for 50p each…which gave her ideas….

What do you like about coming to Fakenham Market?
Interesting range of people, and it is always good to visit the auction as you never know what you are going to go home with! Frances would welcome seeing younger generations running stalls – it’s only £8 per day and less stress than other jobs, it’s well worth trying she says….

What do you sell?
Collectable books on a vast range of subjects, Often books that are hard to get hold of elsewhere. Price range is also hugely varied but there are always items starting from as little as £2.50, and rising for books with more rarity value.

Interview by Dawn Wakefield