Vale Farm Eggs

vale-farm-eggsKaren and Matthew, some very welcome younger faces, recently arrived at Fakenham Market, run their stall – Vale Farm Eggs and Belle Bantams UK in the market area just outside HSBC bank. The now unusual sight of livestock at market brings many people around the stall admiring their lovely hens.

Where are you from?

How long have you been at Fakenham Market?
2 months.

What are your opening times here?
7am – 3.30pm.

What other markets do you attend?
Creake Abbey, Dereham and Sheringham.

What led you to running this stall?
Karen tells me she was a carer for the disabled from age 15, but then in recent years became diagnosed as disabled herself and so was not allowed to continue in that job. A friend suggested she get some hens, so they did, and they registered as a business in September 2015.

What do you like about coming to Fakenham Market?
The community spirit and so much support . We have had such a warm welcome back after a short absence due to bereavement.

What do you sell ?
Livestock – bantams and large fowl, eating eggs, hatching eggs and beautifully painted decorated eggs which make ideal gifts.

Interview by Dawn Wakefield